Jump Rope Counter

An application that counts the number of jumps on a skipping rope and measures the jumping time.

The application is available for phones, tablets and devices with Wear OS (smartwatches).

For full functionality, the application on the smartwatch also requires a phone or tablet connected to the smartwatch via Bluetooth.

After connecting the application with an application on another device, data is transferred in real time. The user can have one device in their pocket and check the progress on the other device. It is also possible to synchronize statistics between two devices.


  • counts jumps
  • automatic timer stop when you stop jumping
  • setting the sensor sensitivity
  • timer with sound
  • sound function
  • statistics
  • screen lock (usable when the phone is in your pocket)
  • possibility of Bluetooth connection with a second device (phone, tablet, smartwatch)

Polish draughts

Polish draughts (also international draughts or international checkers) is a strategy board game for two players, one of the variants of draughts.

The player can play against computer or another player.

Flying Heroes

Simple arcade game. Take on the role of the Red Baron and destroy your enemies.


  • 25 levels
  • More than 20 types of planes from the First World War

KM Metronome

It's a simple to use and very functionally metronome.


  • meter (2/4, 3/4, 4/4)
  • tempo between 15 and 500 bpm
  • Italian tempo markings
  • selectable intervals (quarter, eighth, sixteenth, thirty-second, triplet and sextuplet)
  • vibration
  • 128 MIDI instruments
  • rhythms editor
  • tapping of tempo
  • tapping of rhythm

Numerical Puzzle

It's a simple puzzle game.

You have to arrange numbers in a sequence from 1 to 15.